Friday, January 22, 2010

The Journey Called Life :-)

Downpours and Drizzles,

Sulks and Giggles,

Binges and Diets,

Wrongs and Rights,

Storms and Breezes,

Plains and Creases,

Highs and Lows,

Blessings and Blows,

Tears and Laughter,

Before and After,

The Big and The Little,

The Mind Strong and Fickle,

Harmony and Strife,

The Journey Called Life :-)

Much Love,


17 Words Of Wisdom (WOWs):

Smriti said...

you summed it all up! :)

Mishree said...

drumroll.........this wud officially be ur first comment on my blog :D

Ashwin said...

Loved it.. Awesome use of words... All aspects of life on a single page.. great !


Aki said...

Short & Sweet! As crisp as it can get..

Exceptionally Beautiful!!

Lots Love. God Bless you, forever!


Anonymous said...

Awesomeful :D

Shas said...

Life is full of such contradictions.

Polo said...

What a happy chirpy one! :-)

Mishree said...

@ Ashwin...merci beaucoup!

Mishree said...

@ Aki...buddy u r way too kind...please kabhi kabaar criticise kar liya karo...

Mishree said...

@ Shaiz...thanx,Mamu!!

Mishree said...

@ Shas...Life is synonymous to contradictions,actually. :)

Mishree said...

@ Polo...chirpy??really?

soin said...


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