Wednesday, January 4, 2012

On Today...

I coax sleep into my tired eyes 
And mind
And soul
Wake up in the morning
To the same uncertainty
The day begins on a wrong note
Things happen
Things that I do not like
Things that daringly question my new-found belief
A belief that is supporting my sanity right now.
I almost break. I feel the tears stinging my eyes.
But I hold on.
I pull on
Not letting go of the goals that I have set
I do my bit to achieve every one of them.
The day ends
I leave
To begin another journey.
I wonder if I will buckle,
Somewhere, in the middle of the rut
Of one journey after another.
Of one challenge after another.
But I know I can't give up.
I know I won't give up.
That is the other belief.
In the mean time
There is the warmth
Of unknown, unseen 'strangers'
Of the familiarity of family
Of the wagging tails of my dogs
Of actual jokes on Facebook that make me laugh,
Because they are genuinely funny.
I like that variety of laughter more
Than the kind that sarcasm or irony evoke.
And that is how it shall remain.
Did I forget to mention 
The simple joy
Of a triangular block of Toblerone?
(The strongest chocolate by design, apparently!)
In this way,
Piecing together bits and chances of happiness,
I get through Today,
And wait
To welcome Tomorrow.