Sunday, May 31, 2009

Soul Sisters Forever!

[I wrote this for Shweta before her Engagement.Hope you like it!]

Once upon a time, Destiny waved her magic wand, and two little nine-year old girls met outside a school administration office. One of them was a student of that institution, the other, an aspirant of the same. Destiny waved her magic wand again, and the two became classmates. Destiny continued playing her part, the bond between the two kept strengthening. And one day, the two little girls knew that they would always be inseparable, in mind, spirit and soul.

It wasn’t always a smooth journey; distances threatened their friendship ever so often. First their classes changed. Then the schools did. Then they began living in different cities. So every now and then, the tensions crept in. And did their evil dance.

But the two girls, soul sisters already, pulled on. Always. And today, not so little any more, they keep showing circumstances, that together, they can defeat every crisis that comes their way. So the fights may come and the fights may go, but their friendship goes on forever.

Today, when you are on the threshold of a new life, I can only hope that you know how exhilarated I am for you. You have given me, and everyone else in your life, such simple, yet such beautiful joys all throughout, that I know God can never, ever deprive you of happiness. And so, even though no words can express how much you mean to me, here are a few lines for you…

You have been there by my side through it all –
The laughter, the tears,
The happiness, the fears,
The sugar, the spice,
The naughty, the nice,
The good, the bad,
The sensible, the mad,
The anger, the fun,
The rain, the sun,
The long silences, the incessant talks,
The maddening runs, the leisurely walks,
The fatty foods, the killing diets,
The BFF talks, the BFF fights…

I thank God for giving you to me one day…
For you are one of the best things that happened to me
And I will never cease to be grateful for our Friendship,
It is something I will cherish beyond Eternity…

So here’s wishing You and your Soul mate,
A lifetime of Happiness and Love,
And praying that the Lord Almighty
Showers you with His Blessings every day from Above!

Love & Prayers Always, Tanu :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

The "Perks" In Life...

On my way back home from college today,a little boy and his elder sister walked in to my compartment to sell some trinkets - kerchiefs, ID card holders and some really pretty mobile pouches. "Bargainaholic" that I am, I decided to buy a few pouches if I could get them for a good price. The little boy, who must have been about six years old, quoted a price of fifty bucks for four pouches.And I happily agreed to buy them.

And then I realised that I had a Chocolate in my bag,a Cadbury Perk that Durgesh had given me in college. Impulsively, I took it out and offered it to the boy. He grabbed it with a delighted grin - an expression that will always remain in my mind, and will always be beyond description.

For a while, he kept staring at it. It was probably something he had never held in his life,until today. "Yeh kitne ka hai?" he asked me. "Pata nahin, mujhe kisi aur ne diya hai", I said, even though I knew very well that it cost ten rupees. Maybe I just did not want to 'quantify' that moment, or his delight.

I asked him to share it with his sister,who was a very pretty little girl,but he mischievously (and possessively) shook his head at my request. I hope he did share it with her,after all. Then he got off at Mulund, waved out happily, and my train chugged out of the station.

Sometimes, strange things happen to you, and they generally happen for a reason. I don't know why Durgesh gave me that chocolate specifically today, but I do know that if he hadn't done so, a little slum kid would have been deprived of a lot of delight. Because a ten-rupee chocolate to him is what a BMW, or a mansion, or even the touch of a loved one, for that matter, is to you and me.

I don't know how many points God gave me for my little deed today...but I can tell you this much - today, I walked out of Thane station with happy spring in my stride. And a delightful grin as well.And to tell you the truth, it wasn't so much of me 'Perk'-ing the little fellow up; it was quite the contrary.

I'm so happy I made a happy memory!

Much Love,


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I'm tired.really,really tired.

And I love you,God.Big,warm hug.