Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Because I have ignored you for a long long time...


I am sorry. I just haven't been able to concentrate on you for a while now. 

Today, on one of those trips, where I hop from blog to blog, and read bits and pieces of what other bloggers  have written, I wonder how they get time to write so beautifully. Rather, I wonder how they manage to make time.And then I envy them, envy their patience and calmness of mind, and I feel a teensy bit of anger on my own self, for not trying too hard, probably.

I don't think words come to me as easily as they used to. At least, the big, nice words.(Have I actually ever managed to use big words??)

My blog followers have been stuck at 48 for the longest time now! :-(

I guess it is a mix of too much work, and lots of travelling, and very little peace of mind.

But I guess for hyper freaks like me, peace of mind doesn't come easy. Maybe it is time I made my peace with that. (Ironic, hehe.)

I think this is the first time I don't have any qualms about sounding silly on my blog. 

I am also happy I am writing here, devoid of inhibitions, after a long long time. No premeditated, rehearsed, written and deleted and rewritten thoughts - just an easy flow of words. It is like talking to a close friend, with no one around, no one eavesdropping and making judgements, you know?

Thank you for listening, Blog. You are always so unconditional.

I love you too.

I'll drop by again later, okay?

Don't miss me too much. And if you do, call out to me the way you do and I'll come, the way I do.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I want to make a silly poem, with you.