Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Helping Hand

When you think life has given you a good reason to cry,
Find a reason to Smile on your own.

When others pull you down and low,
Think of every single time you shone.

When your days are Cloudy and Bleak,
Go in search of your own Sunshine,

Whenever you feel you’re going through the Blues,
Think of all the times you were on Cloud - Nine.

When bad times rain down on you,
Create your own Rainbow Bright,

When everything around you is pitch dark,
Be your own Beacon of Light

Because what they always say is true…
You have the ability, the strength and the charm,
So do not wait for someone to pull you out of gloom,
For “The Best Place to Find a Helping Hand, is at the End of Your Own Arm”

Much Love,