Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Wait...

Seems like so long a wait
I give up,
Then I begin to hope again...
And then I give up once more.
When will the wait come to an end?
Will the wait ever come to an end?
Is this only so that something better comes my way?
Who is to say?
I try
Oh, so hard,
To do other things that make me happy
But there are times
When I feel
Like I'm fooling myself.
Will the spurts of my optimism
End up looking like conniving illusions?
Or will it be worth the long,long wait?
I do not know,
Nor do you.
Maybe someone up there knows,
But I guess He has other problems to solve at the moment.
So I begin to dare
Dare to feel that glimmer of hope again.
Someday,maybe someday,
My hope will not let me down.
And the long, long wait
Will be worth it.

3 Words Of Wisdom (WOWs):

Shas said...

Hi! I simply loved this poem.
Keep writing!!

Aki said...

Quite thoughtful!

Wait, has it's own good. Either it gives you earn something better or it makes you learn something better.

I really liked the ending on the positive note! Just keep at it!!

Yeah, You deserve better!

Abhijit Kar said...

Wait or not to wait and then what to do in the meantime becomes a big question. Neither we can quit the gamut of mental absorption nor switch over to the other subject leads to an embarrassing situation.
Very nice !!