Monday, December 21, 2009

Mistakes, Actually...

Have you ever made a mistake?
Laughed out loud and received glares in return?
Cheated on a test and felt guilt bloom in you?
Barely studied and screwed up on an exam?
Forgotten a chore your mom assigned to you?
Promised to diet and then binged to the core?
Not walked your dog when you were supposed to?
Wasted your time on the phone when you should have been doing something more constructive?
Splurged on clothes,food,accessories and the like?
Left your room in a mess?
Switched off a paranoid alarm, and gone back to sleep?
Not gone to gym when you should have?
Burnt food that you were very enthusiastic about cooking?
Missed a bus or train?
Not paid your bill on time?
Eaten so much ice cream that you croaked for the next few days?

Has any of these things ever made you feel guilty?


Imagine this to be the last,the very last day of your life.

You know you have only a few hours left to live. To sort your life out.

And now look back. And think.

Will these things seem like big mistakes even then?  Or will you feel that they weren't ever that big a deal? That the moments you spent worrying about them, could actually have been spent thinking happier thoughts and doing happier things?


There are things in life that have a way of sorting themselves out. Don't worry about them. If something doesn't, or continues to irk you from time to time, it is something you need to repair. NOW. So go ahead and do just that, right away. Don't wait for things to keep going downhill.

Life is nothing without a few shortfalls. If you go wrong, you learn, and if you learn, you know you're alive. So go ahead, go ahead and 'make a mistake'.One way or the other, you'll learn.

Much Love,


7 Words Of Wisdom (WOWs):

Aki said...

well.. if it would have been my last day, i would have deliberately indulged myself in doing such things. We spend all our lives in sophistication, to please others & to seem civilized that we actually take this li'l stupidities seem a big sin & we never realize that they teach us lot of things. At times, they also give us a reason to smile in our ,otherwise, stressful lives

Its true that we waste a lot of pondering over past things & wondering over past mistakes. & in the due course, we loose much precious & valuable present. At the end, we won't repent on the times we committed mistakes, but on the times we didn't enjoyed life.

Dead on target & brought out very well, Mishu!!

Polo said...

Mistakes are Life!
Well written T!
Am blown away again.

Anshul said...

Mistakes are the secret of success!!:-)

Well written..... Really....

Radhika said...

very true! we actually learn from our mistakes.
nice post..rlly liked it :)

sriranjani said...

I have done every single thing that u hv mentioned in ur post....and that explains why I don't lose weight or am late for my classes, or have a scary wardrobe....the guilt thereafter trust me is heavy to bear and what follows is the resolution to put my things and schedule in order....the good part is the guilt doesn't last long and the resolution too simply disappears....ur post is lovely simply because it brings out the fun that comes with every little fault, the kid in us that is incorrigible.Subconsciously we try taming it all our life long after our parents have given up, but its all in vain...the day we tame it,we'll start aging too fast...

Ketan said...


This post is a result of lot of learning and observing of life. I totally agree, and to think of it, I live my life exactly the way you have 'recommended'. :)


Ketan said...


This post is a result of lot of learning and observing of life. I totally agree, and to think of it, I live my life exactly the way you have 'recommended'. :)