Monday, December 21, 2009

A video......and some more.........

This little something made me feel,that the little times I've done "wrong" (cheating on scores et al) is not sumthing I shud regret,because that's how life is.A little sugar,a dash of spice,sprinkles of laughter,a few hiccups in between,some faded photographs folding in at the corners, bright and fresh memories, some burnt rotis, cakes that turned out successfully,jobs that suck,friends and family that make u happy....and so much more.........everything put together,when we look back,is our journey called Life.

Much Love,


2 Words Of Wisdom (WOWs):

Aki said...

beautiful share!
Thank you so much for this, Misha!

God Bless you!

- Aki

Ashwin said...

The small memories that we gather at multiple junctures in our lives is what makes the life meaningful..

Loved the video.. Learning by doing is really the only way ahead!!

Thanks for sharing the video gal..
Kash !