Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Little images dash across my mind,
Fragments of my life randomly come face to face
Twenty-four years, millions of memories,
Some clear, some foggy,
The sweets Didu made for me,
Vivid green and pink,and full of love,
And games of Blind Man's Buff with her...
The fragrance of fresh rain and moist mud
And the excitement of the first day of school
The peach coloured walls of my home at Lucknow
And trips to Universal, some alone, some with company
The Gulmohar outside my room
That cheerfully burst into floral flames, year after year,
'Ojo' pepsicolas, in Orange, Chocolate and Kalakhatta flavours,
Candy, her coat first jet black, then peppered with age,
Drifting off to sleep amidst the noise of vehicles at Vandana House
Coloured idols of God,repainted by Kaku every year,
The snails perched on taps at Mahanagar,
Both scaring and fascinating me,
The shelves at Colonelgunj,unchanged year after year,
Photographs remaining where they have always been,
The black-and-white TV at Didi's house,
Which she claimed turned to colour while I was not around,
Pixie and constant smiles,
Mamma's looooong loooong hair,right down to her knees,
Swaying playfully as she walked,
Me perched atop Papa's shoulders,
Literally 'on top of the world',
Papa ducking to enter our building's low entrance,
Me gliding in easily, and feeling proud of the fact,
Not realising that it was because I was too short,
Purple shoes that Mashimoni got for me,
A size small, and therefore tight,
'Candy Park' and 'Khelni Ghar',
A green phone on top of the shelf,

So many more thoughts
So many more memories
And so many more to come.

Much Love,


5 Words Of Wisdom (WOWs):

Polo said...

Aaaahhh! A walk down memory lane! Scrumptious. Gives a nice warm feeling in the tummy! Love the new look of blog. I heart you as always.

Aki said...


Didi said...

That's it?? Just my B&W TV after all these years?!!! tch tch tch... very disappointing!!

Mishree said...

um...ur right...maybe i shud've mentioned the time u left me in vandana society n went away :P

Abhijit Kar Kodinar said...

In this poetic description about your sweet memories, you have nicely described about your childhood days say playing with your Grand Ma, the first day spent in school, and about the Gulmohor which “ Cheerfully burst into floral flames” gave a picturesque view. Then “Perching on Papa’s shoulder- literally I was on top of the world” – was quite attractive sentence. Another key sentence about your old house at Colonelgunj, drove my attention about the condition “remained unchanged year after year. Well done.