Thursday, June 11, 2009

Laughter Challenge-d?

People tell me that I have a 'funny' laugh. Often, when I am in my element, laughing away at a joke, others stop and stare at me momentarily, shocked. Family and friends even signal me to key down.

But do I ever oblige? HAH. My laughter is genuine, it is my own, and it is ‘funny’ because it is straight from the heart and not subdued by the fear of what ‘others’ will think. I cannot curb or change my laughter to please some random people out there.

For that matter, I can’t even put in an ‘LOL’ while I am on online chat. It isn’t the true me, you see. “Hahahahaahahahahhaahhahahahahahahaahhahahaahahhaa” is the true me.

Have YOU ever heard me laugh out loud? Trust me, you should. It’s a treat!

Much Love,


7 Words Of Wisdom (WOWs):

Radhika said...

yaa i've heard tht...n i can say tht wateva u've veryy true..!!so keep laughing n matter wat....!!!i luv seeing u like tht :)

Mishree said...

thank u sweetheart!!love you!

Mishree said...
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sandeep said...

i admit, it is a UNIQUE experience :P

CRD said...

mebbe you ought to record it and post it someday on your blog.

Ive got varied styles of laughter, sometimes its a loud guffaw, the other times it sounds like I'm passing wind :P

By the way, when I read the title, I thought you were talkin about the millions of Stand-up comedy shows we have on Indian Television nowadays. All are comically challenged. SIlly jokes, sillier judges, same old contestants on different shows ion different channels. All dumbheads getting emo after getting voted out, nly to be seen he very next hour on another channel....aargh.

Not many have the art of subtle humor....everyone wants to be like Johnny Lever, who I personally was never fond of...such stupid jokes shoved down the audience's throats..cant get any more torturous.

The only things that manage to make me laff nowadays are Horror Shows and Rakhi Sawant. Watch Rakhi Sawant ka Swayamwar to know more.

CRD (Bloggeratti)

do visit my blog

Hope to see you on the community's forums soon :)

sriranjani said...

i have heard u laugh , i have seen u laugh and trust me its a delight...i see a lot of innocence in that.

Aki said...

a laughter is no laughter till it's not straight from the heart.. you are one of the few blessed with it!

long live your laughter and may you get thousand of reasons for that!! :)