Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The New Season In Our Lives...

This is what they call the ‘Placement Season’. Maybe I should’ve put those two words in capitals – it is kind of a big deal, you know. All of a sudden, I can see the students of my batch being segregated on the basis of ‘Placed’ and ‘Not Placed’. Those who are placed are happy and relaxed, those who aren’t are anxious, fidgety and en route to becoming frustrated.

All these months, I kept telling myself that I wouldn’t allow this placement stress to affect me. But the strange bit is that with the onset of this ‘new season’ in our MBA life, the pressure is more than palpable. It is still early, I know – college goes on for four more months - but since education today is all about ‘relativity’, the creation of this pressure, this stress, is also something that comes about looking at others.

Some of my batchmates will get placed early enough, some will get placed late, and some of them will not get placed at all. That is all, and that is absolutely okay. I do not want to get stuck in that rut of “i-did-not-get-placed-but-he-did-and-therefore-i-must-be-dumb-the-selection-procedure-was-stupid-the-whole-thing-is-a-farce-why-was-i-rejected-what-will-become-of-me-now”…you get the idea. I want to remember that this is just a teensy part of life. I am capable enough of getting a good job, and making it on my own; a few random selection procedures cannot dictate or define my caliber.

Do I sound confident, or do I sound defensive? Again, that is a question of relativity. The fact is, I don’t really want to care. Everything will happen when it has to. All I can do is work hard. And I know I will.

Much Love,


7 Words Of Wisdom (WOWs):

Aki said...

Comparing all the four semesters to the four seasons, i guess, this has to the autumn where everything seems cold and gray but still with hope that the spring will rejuvenate, replenish and fill it with colors like never before.
My hearty congratulations to you for a part of life, so well written!
I especially liked the ending wherein you end up with a great show of self-confidence and faith in yourself!
Yes, you can and you will do it!!
My best wishes!
Take care! God Bless!! :)

Mishree said...

not just me,akash,we all will!

God bless u too :)

sandeep said...

and it is not only about placement season. It is true for all the important events in our which would introduce a change. Let optimism follow every doubt.

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