Thursday, July 16, 2009

Far,Far Away...

I don't like it when people go far away. And I don't mean emotionally...I just don't like them to be so far away that I cannot get up and go meet them in fifteen minutes flat.

Most of my relatives have lived in a different city-sometimes even a different country.Some of my closest friends too. And the funniest(sarcastically) bit of my life is,that as long as I am not particularly close to a person, the person lives close enough.And then, soon after we are inseparable,somehow or the other,the person has to move away.

I know many of you will vouch for the uncontained thrill of seeing a loved one after really long.But I would still prefer having all of them by my side.And hanging out with them whenever I could.

If I were given one single wish for a lifetime,a power that I could use at will, I would change the rules of the Atlas.

Much Love,


3 Words Of Wisdom (WOWs):

CRD said...

People do go away, its unavoidable sometimes. But thats what will test the strength of your relationship. Strong relnships will always have this invisible bond, that will keep you close, no matter how far you actually are.

chandreyee said...

i agree with you mish mash...and i feel it now more more than ever..but it has indeed done a good thing to has shown me the people who really care..even a "hi" does change my day. i feel happy that though they are far away but they still remember me as i remember them...:)

Aki said...

That's so true! very well written!
keep up the good work!! :)