Friday, September 28, 2007

Pixie and Me

Inspired by ‘Marley and Me’ (refer previous post), I decided to dedicate this particular entry to my dog, Pixie. This morning, I sat indulging in my favorite activity – thinking – and I thought yet again about how similar Pixie and I are. People usually tend to draw comparisons between themselves and their siblings; I draw comparisons between Pixie and myself. And even though we aren’t quite the same species, I am amazed at how much we have in common.

Both Pixie and I love people. A house full of immediate family members or guests delights both of us equally. The only difference is that Pixie wants to gobble up all the attention by seating himself strategically in the middle of everyone.

We both love going out with Dad - he on long walks or drives and I on book-shopping expeditions.

Both of us gorge on sweets.

Both of us are EXTREMELY fussy about our eating habits.

Both of us love to sleep.

Both of us are pretty demonstrative about our bad moods.

Both of us love photography – I do the photographer’s job and he does the modelling (and HOW!!)

Both of us love pillows.

Both of us try being adventurous and return with dog-bites.

Both of us love being pampered.

Both of us find the same people irritating (it’s true!!!)

Both of us can get extremely obstinate.

Both of us love Public Displays of Affection (to a certain extent, however) on ourselves.

Both of us love acting like kids.

And finally:

Both of us love Parle-G biscuits!!

That’s all for now, Folks!! See you later…..

Much Love,


9 Words Of Wisdom (WOWs):

Shamini said...

a silce of life!!
it's short, sweet and crisp!

happyhindu said...

if i were to ever compare myself to an animal....i would try to differentiate myself from it as much as i could.

Aalap said...




Clive said...

well this one reads no t just for this post but for all the post and to the author of this blog too..

every post here to me is like flippin thru the pages of Ruydyard Kippling... nuthing loftly,, nuthing crude... no radical thots... nuthin to say whoa Volatire and Roussuea were born again.... simply to read n smile

overturned blue shoe said...

thats a very nice picture..

Radhika said...

soo cute..!! really loved reading it.. :)

Aki said...

'made for each other' and an adorable pic too!

Abhijit Kar said...

Nice comparison of Pixie’s personification with you. In other way, you could narrate a few habits of yours, likes and dislikes.
The common factors say loving the people, fond of going with dad for a stroll or drive, mad of sweets, self demonstrative about moods, getting pampered. But an special attitude like adventure and extremely fussy about eating habits and last but not the least commonly obstinate.
Most of the points are quite similar. The behavioral pattern is mostly shows a good match and understanding between both. It is marvelous.